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Why does soda pop go POP? Can I connect an alternator to an electric motor to generate electricity endlessly on its own? Why do leaves change color in the Fall?
When darkness falls, what happens? Is there a difference between pressure and force? Can music affect my pulse?
If a material is a given color, what color might it become in the dark? How does a vaccine work? Launching and maintaining a satellite in orbit involves the same forces as in the relation between a thrown ball and the earth.
Assuming dark matter exists, is it black holes or in black holes? What does the cone of view seen at the earth's equator look like? Breaking apart the O and the C bonded into carbon dioxide might occur at what temperature and why?
Blue is such a lovely color, but why is the sky blue? Static electricity is generated when loose electrons are rubbed from their weakly-held but stable orbits and affixed upon another material. How can I stop electric current?
What happens to atoms and their electrons while the entity emits light? About human degeneration: Might it be any worse? Into what space can our expanding universe expand into if it is already infinite?
Mitosis & DNA DNA & Chromosomes How is lycra affected by the dry cleaning process?
Star Systems' Stars Running faster to win a race may more difficult and may not be possible. Energy Changing Events
Rocks & Reverse Faults Evaporation rates are impacted by radiant absorption characteristics. Which provides more power in a citrus-powered battery?
Change Organic Staining Organs

Polyurethane Backed Fabrics

Water On The Moon Conversion
Our Planet An Insect? Gravity
Food Poisoning Elements and components are different. Earth's Rotation
Hair biology Is it possible for bacteria or fungus to exist in an Argon environment? Bromine
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