What is required in terms of motion to launch a satellite and keep it orbit around the Earth?

Launching and maintaining a satellite in orbit involves the same forces as in the relation between a thrown ball and the earth.

When you throw a ball, it starts from a resting position, accelerates, and is released.

.If you throw it with enough force, that is, a force greater that that of gravity, the ball break free. Conceivably, it can continue upward proceeding further from earth. Therefore, earth’s gravitational attractive force is decreasing.

If the ball can overcome wind resistance as well as the attractive force of gravity, it will continue into the earth’s upper atmosphere.

.f the ball has enough force when it reaches earth’s upper atmospheric levels, it can conceivably continue outward into to outer space.

If its momentum is great enough, it will travel free of earth’s gravitational attraction. Only if (actually when) the ball interacts other celestial bodies, such as stars, planets, asteroids, comets, and others, will it change course. That potential (extremely likely) change of course will be caused by gravitational attraction to any objects it approaches, or, approach it.

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